What’s the Future of Computing in Healthcare?

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What’s the Future of Computing in Healthcare?

February 10, 2014 · Posted by David K

Here is a thoughtful article recently penned by Kyle Samani, CEO of Pristine, Why Will Medical Professionals Use Laptops? in the EMR & HIPAA open forum. It actually tackles the broader question of the future of computing platforms in healthcare.

Here are a couple of his interesting takes.

He first argues (as we do in this article title Desktop Defeated: Why Mobile is Winning the Computing Gamethat I wrote for Executive Insight last November), that mobile platforms will eventually cannibalize desktops and laptops;

 “Mobile is the most under-hyped trend in technology. Mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, and soon, wearables – are occupying an increasingly larger percentage of total computing time. Although mobile devices tend to have smaller screens and fewer robust input methods relative to traditional PCs (see why the keyboard and mouse are the most efficient input methods), mobile devices are often preferred because users value ease of use, mobility, and access more than raw efficiency.”

But he counters with the barriers;

“The EMR is still widely conceived of as a desktop-app with a mobile add-on. A few EMR companies are mobile-first. But even in 2014, the vast majority of EMR companies are not mobile-first. The legacy holdouts cite battery, screen size, and lack of a keyboard as reasons why mobile won’t eat healthcare.”

Yet offers up characteristics the ideal hardware form factor of the future, and for healthcare specifically – Transparent, Omni-present yet invisible, Interactive, Robust, Secure and Support 3rd party communications.

A hefty roadmap no doubt.



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