What Is A Digital Producer?

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What Is A Digital Producer?

April 29, 2014 · Posted by Nathan J.

Visionary software development that employs an agile approach requires all elements to be well choreographed and executed seamlessly. At PointClear, we have a unique combination of development expertise, UX expertise, and clinical insight that helps our clients avoid mistakes and gives them a decided edge in identifying ways to solve healthcare challenges. Our four unique elements of successful technology development – and partnership – are Research, Strategy, Design, and Development.

What Is A Digital ProducerPointClear thinks about delivery from the outset of every project. Our research, strategy, design and development teams are fully engaged early in the process, so they are fully aware of all aspects of the project. 

Our core competencies are tightly integrated. We combine user experience research, agile development processes and clinical and technical expertise to deliver transformative technologies for healthcare.

A digital producer stands in the middle of our highly talented teams and serves as a coordinator, supervisor, and strategist on the project. A good way to understand the role is to relate it to the music industry role of producer. In an article called “The Role of a Music Producer Explained”, Dan Connor says, “To boil it down to its essence, the key role of a producer is to provide the integrity of the project. By integrity I mean several things: producers are responsible for focusing the creative vision of the project, for acting as an intermediary between the artistic and technical worlds, and for overseeing the logistics of the project.” In software development the traditional role of project manager typically ends with “overseeing the logistics,” where as a digital producer picks up as an engaged member of the team “acting as an intermediary” and providing the integrity of the project.

The digital producer is fully integrated into the project. Rather than moving the schedule along, he is actively participating in the production of the product. We refer to him as a doer not just an asker. This form of involvement allows PointClear to blend methodologies – instead of pure scrum, pure XP, pure traditional, etc. The process for creating is melded to meet the needs of the client and of the particular product. Traditional project management techniques still apply but it is a deeper level of involvement that makes our engagements successful.

One of my favorite bloggers, Seth Godin, recently posted a blog called “Should you teach the world a new word?”. In it he describes the difficulty of defining his role as a “book packager.” When asked, “what is a digital producer?” I empathize with the struggle Seth writes about. It is too easy to say that a digital producer is the project manager. In all fairness that is true, however, it is more than that. Call it what you will, because at the end of the day, a title is just that and can never carry the full implications of what we do. I believe that it is that deeper level of involvement to provide integrity to the project that results in pure delight from our clients and teams.




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