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Next to a patient’s health, one of the most important things that needs to be protected is their personal health information. Technology is moving more and more healthcare data into the cloud, making secure connections and strong protection essential. Malicious hackers and software are increasingly targeting private patient and provider information and medical records, so strong encryption and robust systems are essential.

At PointClear Solutions, we take healthcare security seriously. Data encryption and protection are built into the core of every app we build – designed to keep all of you and your patients’ medical information safe and secure.

How PointClear Solutions Helps Protect Your Healthcare Information
We take a proven, analytical approach to protecting sensitive medical information, while also offering healthcare privacy and security guidance at every turn:

  • Designing apps from the ground up to maximize healthcare security and privacy
  • Employing industrial-strength encryption for data transmission and storage
  • Integrating robust authentication and authorization processes, so only the right people have access to the right resources
  • Vulnerability and penetration testing to identify and fix any potential weak spots
  • Providing ways for you to monitor and protect your information from potential breaches
  • Logging access to sensitive information, so you have an audit trail
  • Providing maintenance updates, fixes, and patches, as needed

The Importance of Strong Healthcare Privacy Controls
In addition to best-in-class security, privacy is essential to building and maintaining trust with your patients, suppliers, and other stakeholders. We achieve that through the following:

  • Consulting with you on privacy policies and the needs of your patients, suppliers, employees, and other relevant parties
  • Providing you with healthcare privacy guidance and options on how to best implement privacy into your technical solutions
  • Building policies and correct access levels into the foundation of the app
  • Providing role-based security clearances with built-in authorization for access to private healthcare data
  • Allowing you to easily administer privacy settings through admin functions in the app

A Closer Look: Healthcare Privacy and Security Guidance
We’re expert healthcare application developers, but we’re also here to answer any privacy and security questions. We can help you:

  • Identify, analyze, and understand potential vulnerabilities in your data
  • Carry out security audits, so we can understand your current state
  • Map how your applications, technologies, and data storage work together
  • Ensure that security doesn’t compromise any part of your app, functionality, or user experience
  • Fully test, quality assure, and debug your technology

Security and Privacy Across Multiple Platforms
Whatever platform you want to deploy onto, we can ensure security, encryption, and privacy are never compromised:

  • Android and iOS integration with app store protection and proper permissions
  • Web apps with multiple-level authentication and device tracking
  • Front-end development to minimize security vulnerabilities and brute force attacks
  • Back-end development to secure data connections and potential vulnerabilities
  • Employee training to heighten security awareness and reduce the impact of social engineering

Ongoing Monitoring and Support
Even after your app is delivered, we’re here to support you. That means:

  • Monitoring your apps, data, and environment to ensure it stays secure
  • Deploying patches and fixes to address any vulnerabilities
  • Carrying out penetration testing and security audits
  • Providing fast, comprehensive fixes for any issues

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