Provider-centric Health IT

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Provider-centric Health IT

Jul 28, 2013 · Posted by Lee F.

A common theme in today’s healthcare world is patient engagement, and when it comes to the technology to support engagement it’s called user-centered design. It seems to me that we’ve been leaving out a very important component as we design healthcare-related apps. That component is the provider, and the idea of provider-centered design in health IT?

Scott Frederick, our Director of Clinical Insight at PointClear, and I wrote an article for Executive Insight on this important yet under-appreciated design consideration.

It seems only logical that when hospitals and health systems begin technology development and deployment, they would consult with the end users of that technology – healthcare providers, like doctors, nurses, and technicians – to inform the design process. However, this historically hasn’t been the case in the healthcare industry.

Instead, when designing new solutions, technology companies typically work with healthcare information technology professionals and senior leaders at healthcare organizations rather than dealing directly with the providers who will eventually use the technology. Often, taking the time to obtain providers’ unique workflows and needs is not a priority.

However, leveraging provider-centered design is like purchasing an insurance policy for technology deployment. An organization’s chances of success in achieving strong user adoption and acceptance increase dramatically when provider input is sought and responded to upfront. Engaging in provider-centered design can lead to a robust product that effectively supports patient care from the moment it’s installed.



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