Apps to Help You Stick to Your Goals for the New Year!

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Mobile Apps to Help You Stick to Your Goals for the New Year!

Jan 06, 2016 · Posted by Kevin L.

We’re not even a week into 2016 yet, but we all know how hard it can be to persevere through our New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s dieting and exercise, trying a new hobby, or maybe even meeting new friends, it never hurts to have a little extra help to achieve this year’s goals. Here’s a short list of useful (and fun) mobile apps Worry Free Labs put together that might come in handy as we all move towards a happy and prosperous 2016!

Create New Habits with Personal Running Trainer

Personal Running Trainer

iOS, Android (Free)

More than just a run-tracker, Personal Running Trainer coaches you through your runs to help you build stamina and achieve your target “goal” distance. After selecting a training program: 1 mile, 5K, 10k, Half-Marathon or Marathon – Personal Running Trainer offers voice-guided professional coaching instructions letting you know when to change your pace,  rest, and  run.   Vocal encouragements and guidance chime in over your music from time-to-time, allowing you to run to your own beat, while still getting the encouragement and guidance you need.

Why We Love It:

  • Available training programs range from 4 – 16 weeks, and can consists of 3-4 days of training per week. Don’t want a coach? No problem.  When you just want to run  the app allows you to just pick up and go! Personal Running Trainer will track your workout statistics: time, distance, pace, calories, etc. and map your runs.  It automatically saves each run and provide a detailed breakdown of your stats so you can easily view your progress over time.

Get Active with BlockFit


iOS (Free)

BlockFit provides fast, simple exercises in the form of a game. The best part is, you can play anywhere! Complete all 12 fitness challenges in a day to win. Play every day to feel healthy and great!

Why We Love It:

  • Not everyone has the time or money to buy a gym membership or exercise equipment for home. That doesn’t mean you should give up! Staying fit and healthy is as simple as getting up and moving around for a few minutes. Blockfit is full of brief exercises that can be done any time, anywhere. Blockfit turns exercising into a quick, fun and spontaneous activity, rather than a daily “chore”.

Make New Friends with Catalyst


iOS (Free)

Catalyst makes meeting new people easy, fun, and safe. Discover new friends in your area, chat with potential matches, and experience the fun happening all around you now.   Break out of your virtual comfort zone!

Why We Love It:

  • Meeting new people can be scary.  Catalyst protects your privacy, while also allowing you to reach out and say, “Hello!” to a new friend.  You’ll only ever connect with people who you “choose”, and also “like” you back.  This allows you to stay in the driver’s seat as you anonymously chat with new friends located close by.  You don’t have to ever share any real world info, and if you don’t feel like socializing, you can easily become invisible by toggling your status to “offline”.

Transform Your Health with CraveMate


iOS ($0.99)

CraveMate  is your solution to creating healthy habits that last a lifetime.  The Cravemate app transforms your iPhone into a personal mindfulness assistant, available to help you conquer your cravings 24/7.    CraveMate allows you to stay mindful of your healthy diet and fitness goals so you can achieve them through scientific insights about your cravings, reminders that help you stay one step ahead of your cravings.

Why We Love It:

  • CraveMate allows you to engage your cognitive processes with a picture or video that expresses how you feel when you chose to say no to a junk food craving or unhealthy habit, and celebrate your victories by share them with family and friends via email, messaging, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+.   CraveMate even provides a direct connection to the CraveMate team for additional advice, tips, and support – helping you remain mindful and  get one step closer to achieving your healthy diet and fitness goals.

 Explore Live Entertainment with Stage Gauge


iOS (Free)

StageGauge will help you find the best Broadway and Off-Broadway shows in town.  The StageGague app empowers theatergoers to find quality shows, post reviews and share their theater experiences with friends and family. A theater revolution is happening. Share your voice. Make your choice.

Why We Love It:

  • The app features an interactive and unique rating system that takes into account all aspects of the performance (Acting, Set & Costumes, Story & Pace, Music, Dance & Choreography), giving users access to the most honest reviews from their peers.  “Everybody is a critic” with this app, helping you to find find quality theater without the often biased influence of industry reviews.

 Revitalize Your Dating Life WhoNow


iOS (Free)

It’s only natural that after a new man or women comes into your life that you’re going to have questions, and want to get feedback from others who know you best. WhoNow is a fast way to manage and have an honest conversation about your dating life (and/or married life) with your “inner circle” of trusted friends. It’s the ultimate dating journal to help you become a better dater and spouse to your loved one.

Why We Love It:

  • WhoNow allows you to quickly share your dating stories and anonymously give and get feedback about your love life.  Through, quick polls, image posts, and location sharing, etc. you can document your dating life with individuals  in a secure and private setting.  When you need advice or feedback about something your spouse may have done, share a question or experience with your inner-circle of most trusted friends.  No more guessing games. With WhoNow, you can take a step towards becoming a better dater.

Join a Movement with WeDemand


iOS (Free)

WeDemand shares fan demand and data with artists and managers, enabling a one-to-one conversation while helping inform the best places to tour.  By granting ownership of the communication channel and market insight derived from WeDemand users, artists are able to directly connect with fans to sell tickets, merchandise, promote new music or simply thank them for their support.

Why We Love It:

  • Unlike apps that just push out tour dates, WeDemand gives power to the fans to demand shows in their city and creates a direct conversation with their favorite bands. When an event comes together as a result of WeDemand, it amplifies engagement and improves the overall live event experience for both fans and artists.  Want your favorite artist to come to your city?  Join WeDemand and bring them to your city.


Now it’s time for you to worry less, dream big, set a goal, and start succeeding in 2016!




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