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Web and mobile medical imaging applications dramatically improve patient-facing offering

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Empowering patients to take ownership of their health isn’t always easy. The first step in the right direction is providing patients access to their own health data. Too many applications are built without the user – the patient – in mind. In order for patients to play an active role in their health, they need to have access to tools that provide the data and insight to make it possible.


PointClear partnered with Nuance to inform the development of PowerShare Imaging network, an electronic medical records (EMR) platform, facilitating the sharing of over 3 billion medical records by providers and patients. The self-service platform maximizes users experience by providing ease of access via both web and mobile app.

Nuance PowerShare Network
emr dashboard


accelerate growth

Enhanced application functionality and versatility; improved user adoption.


Improved the workflow of providers trying to share data securely and efficiently.


Empowered patients to make better decisions, because they are informed about their personal health.

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PointClear’s UX experts have helped us dramatically improve our new patient facing product offerings putting us in a much better position to be very successful in the market. PointClear quickly learned and improved our workflows, offered intelligent UI improvements and worked closely with our development team to create a highly improved patient experience.

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