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Healthcare Technology

Welcome to the world of healthcare software as envisioned by PointClear Solutions.
It’s bold. It’s beautiful. It’s beyond convention.

It’s what we do.

We’re the only application development partner that incorporates expertise in healthcare clinical informatics, user experience, and healthcare regulatory guidance (including HIPAA) to build transformative healthcare technologies. It doesn’t matter what the other guys say: they’re the dilettantes, we’re the pros.

We create innovative, user-friendly applications just for healthcare that look great and perform even better. So if you’re serious about boosting user adoption for your solution, it’s time.

Time to get real.


Time for healthcare providers to kick unworkable and unattractive healthcare applications to the curb and start getting the quality solutions they deserve.

Time to collaborate with leaders who’ve got the imagination, the intellect and the audacity to develop solutions that push the envelope.

It’s time to join forces with PointClear.

Healthcare User Experience & Development

We’re not your typical technology development partner ─ and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Read why we’re head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to healthcare user experience.

Clinical Expertise

Our healthcare clinical experience is vast, and something the other guys just don’t have. Learn how we apply this insight to build real-world healthcare software.

Idea to Implementation

The method behind our magic is a well-orchestrated ballet of four central elements: Strategy, Research, Design and Development. Learn what we do to create innovative, user-friendly applications that people love to use.

Thought Leadership

We keep our finger on the pulse of all things healthcare, user experience, application development and more. Find out what we’re thinking and talking about.


We don’t just say we’re the best at what we do, we prove it. See how we’ve dazzled healthcare clients with our ability to build inventive, industry-changing technologies.

Upcoming Events

We’re movers and shakers in the healthcare technology space. Take a look at what the media is saying about us, and where we’ll be hanging out next.

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