Healthcare Technology

At PointClear Solutions, we believe that better healthcare technology contributes to both better health and better care. 

Whether it’s enabling patients to become more involved in managing their own health, or streamlining access and workflow for overworked providers, we constantly push ourselves to find new ways to enhance technology and improve financial, operational and clinical outcomes.

What’s your mission? Can we help?

At PointClear, healthcare technology is what we do, and we do it very, very well. We’re the only software development partner we know of that incorporates expertise in healthcare clinical informatics and user experience to build transformative healthcare technologies. We create innovative, user-friendly applications just for healthcare that look great and perform even better.

We're here to help.

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PointClear develops web-based software applications and mobile apps that meet the business needs of our clients and delight their users. Our projects range from mammoth, end-to-end development projects to the design of mobile apps, and everything in-between.


We believe that a collaborative process that involves all team members throughout design and development results in better-designed and better-built software. Our process marries Agile UX with Agile Software Development, resulting in some pretty awesome offspring.


Our team includes seasoned clinical professionals who have “been there, done that” and super-smart, incredibly talented UX experts. This combination of real-world clinical acumen and UX design expertise ensures we deliver the best healthcare technology for your end users.


We provide turnkey software development that begins with an initial idea and progresses to final deployment of the software for our clients. You can also tap into our expertise, insight and skills on an à la carte basis as individual services, or gain insight on technology trends and UX best practices through our Accelerated Solutions Center.


Seeing is believing. Find out how we’ve met the needs of some of healthcare’s biggest names and most innovative startups.


Not only do we keep our finger on the pulse of all things healthcare, user experience and software development, we create industry best practices. See what we’re thinking, reading and talking about.

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